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How to Keep Your Business Safe During Emergencies

6/30/2023 (Permalink)

As a business owner, it is important to be prepared for anything that can happen. Occurrences like pipes freezing in the winter, flooding unexpectedly during the rainy seasons; the reality is that there are too many things outside of your control. That is why you need to protect your business. SERVPRO® wants to help keep your company safe and productive even during a disaster. Here are some of our helpful tips to ensure that you are prepared.

Preparation and Prevention

The first step is to review the current insurance coverage with your provider to make sur you can financially handle potential disasters like floods or fires. It is good to keep a compiled list of your equipment and inventory, along with where they are located, to know what could potentially be lost or damaged ahead of time.

Prevention is key when owning any type of property, but especially for a business. You will need to have properly functioning extinguishers, smoke/carbon alarms, and a sprinkler system. It would also be good to have your HVAC system regularly maintained to avoid potential additional damage. If you need some assistance creating and implementing a plan, SERVPRO® can help you.

SERVPRO® of Augusta North is ready, equipped, and available 24/7. In the event of any disaster, there is no one faster. If your business needs emergency services, call our office at 706-750-0200, we are “Here to help.®”

Is Your AC Leaking into Your Augusta Business? SERVPRO® Can Help!

6/30/2022 (Permalink)

Welcome to Summer!

This time of year, the heat is almost impossible to beat, especially once noon hits. As the temperature climbs outside, people on the inside turn the thermostat down. For a while, the AC circulates throughout the building, keeping everyone at a comfortable temperature. That is, until you start noticing that the AC isn’t working as well and there is water or moisture leaking down from the ceiling. If your commercial business has a unit on the inside, it runs the risk of damaging the flooring and furnishings in its wake.  As soon as you notice the water coming from your AC unit, call your HVAC company for repairs. SERVPRO® of Augusta North can take care of the water loss!

How SERVPRO® Will Help

The first step we will take would be assessing the damage. Based on our inspection, after we dry up the water, we will ensure that the area is dry by performing necessary demolition and placing our professional grade equipment. The equipment we will likely use would be air movers and dehumidifiers. However, if the area is particularly saturated, we may utilize specialty equipment such as injecta-drys. Our main goal, with any type of water loss, is to prevent further and more extensive damage from occurring, such as mold growth. Additionally, we want you and your employees to be able to resume business as usual as soon as possible.

If you are currently experiencing water damage, SERVPRO® of Augusta North can help! Contact our office team at 706-750-0200 to schedule our professional technicians to come out and fix the water damage, we are “Here to help. ®”

How SERVPRO® of North Augusta Can Help You!

6/7/2022 (Permalink)

Services We Provide for Commercial Properties

Owning and running a business can be stressful when everything goes right, let alone when things go wrong. Things like extreme weather conditions and accidental human error are among the things that can happen that are out of your control.

Water Damage

Water can wreak havoc on a building even before the damage is discovered. Flooding can occur due to burst pipes, overflowing sinks, backed up toilets, among other things. Whatever the cause, SERVPRO® of North Augusta can extract any type of water and provide expert drying services for your facility.

Mold Testing & Remediation

In addition to being able to take care of water mitigation, we are also experts in mold remediation and can complete mold elimination. Microbial growth often originates from water damage that has been left for a few days or not properly mitigated when found. We are capable of performing Air Quality Tests that can identify if there is a problem within your facility, and help you through the removal process.

Fire & Smoke Damage

When there’s a fire, there are many steps that you need to take to get your business back to normal. The good news is SERVPRO® of North Augusta is qualified and able to assist with whatever fire damage your property is faced with. Even when it’s just smoke damage, it can have a big impact on a business. At SERVPRO® we are capable of restoring your place of business back to normal with our knowledge and equipment.

SERVPRO® of North Augusta is prepared to help your business no matter the issue at hand, we are “Here to help.®” If you are in need of assistance, give us a call at 706-750-0200.

How Can SERVPRO Help Your Commercial Business?

4/27/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO® technicians carrying green cannisters, there is a quote that says, "We're Here to Help Your Business Stay Safe" SERVPRO® is "Here to help ®" during your time of need!

SERVPRO® CSC Program  

As COVID outbreaks continue to be the new normal, SERVPRO® created a cleaning program specially designed to keep business owners and their customers safe.  Our Certified: SERVPRO® Cleaned program is a defensive pathogen cleaning program that brings more security than hiring a normal cleaning crew. Our CSC Program is outlined under our “3 C’s”- Consult, Clean and Certify. During the Consult we will tailor a cleaning program based upon your specific business's need. Following the consult, we will arrange a method of Cleaning based on your agreed upon plan. Our crews will begin clean-up with EPA-approved, hospital grade cleaning solutions. Lastly, we will Certify that your business has been thoroughly cleaned by posting a Certified: SERVPRO® Cleaned shield in the front window or door of your business. This lets all your customers and employees know that your business is committed to a higher standard of cleanliness to keep them safe.  

Emergency Ready Plans 

Disaster often strikes at an unexpected time, that is why SERVPRO® developed our ERP’s, or Emergency Ready Plans. The key here is to have a plan of action in place ahead of a disaster, so that you are ready when you do experience an emergency. ERP’s can help to give you as a business owner, as well as your employees and customers, added peace of mind knowing there is a step-by-step plan in place of what to do following a loss.  

But what are the benefits of having an ERP in place?Our SERVPRO® professionals will come and tour your facility and complete a no-cost assessment, meaning you pay nothing to have a preparedness plan in place. The ERP is composed of the critical information needed in the event of a loss of any kind, such as shut-off valve locations, priority contact persons and priority areas. In the event of a disaster an ERP will establish your local SERVPRO® as your restoration provider, which means quicker turnaround time for you as the business owner. Additionally, SERVPRO® will help you navigate your insurance claims process for a quick and easy recovery experience. 

Commercial and Large Loss Restoration 

When your business is hit with unexpected storms, floods, fire, or other unforeseen disasters it can leave you in shock and not knowing where to begin. It is important to know that you have large-loss specialists to quickly begin the restoration process and get you back to business. SERVPRO®’s Disaster Recovery Teams are strategically located with more than 1,900 locations in the U.S. and Canada and are prequalified to respond quickly to any sized disaster.  

SERVPRO® large-loss teams are available 24/7/365, so day or night whenever the loss occurs, we are “Here to Help” as needed. Our Disaster Recovery Teams are composed of technicians that have had ample training in handling large-loss events for industries such as hospitals, schools, and government facilities. Each large loss is managed by a project manager from your local SERVPRO® location, this means you will have ensured personal attention to create the smoothest restoration experience possible.  

SERVPRO® is Ready to Make it “Like it never even happened." Give us a call today at 706-750-0200 to schedule a consultation with our highly trained technicians.  

Protect Your Commercial Business from Vandalism

4/22/2022 (Permalink)

What is Vandalism and Who is at Risk?

The legal definition of vandalism varies from state to state, but the term generally means the intentional damage, defacement, or destruction of someone’s property without the owner’s permission. It is a criminal act and is prohibited by state laws, which may qualify as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the financial damage that is involved. Additionally, there are some states that refer to vandalism as malicious mischief or criminal mischief.

As far as who may be affected by vandalism, the answer is all business properties, especially vacant buildings. Unfortunately, experiencing vandalism can impact a business in numerous of ways. The most obvious is that it creates damage to the property, which will take time and money to repair.

Tips for Preventing Vandalism

While it is impossible to prevent all acts of vandalism, you can prepare your property so that it discourages vandals.

  • Maintain good lighting. The property should remain well lit, especially at night.
  • Install and properly maintain cameras. If a crime does occur, police can use your surveillance to identify and catch the perpetrators.
  • Keep property tidy. An unorganized area tends to attract vandals.
  • Plant shrubbery or fencing. Not only do fencing and shrubbery offer cosmetic appeal to any property, but they also function as the first line of defense against potential intruders.
  • Invest in break-resistant glass. Utilizing a break-resistant glass will make the act of breaking in more difficult for vandals to break in.
  • Don’t ignore it! If you do experience vandalism, don’t put it off. Vandalism encourages more vandalism.
  • Contact authorities. Report vandalism to your local department as soon as possible. If it is not reported, nothing will be done. The department may increase the number of patrols in your area if it is known.
  • Share information. Check in with the neighboring businesses to see if they have experienced any sort of vandalism. Sharing information helps reveal the criminals’ patterns that could potentially aide in stopping the vandals.
  • Join a business watch group. Like neighborhood watch groups, there are resources available to either start a group or join one. It is a good way to reduce crime by keeping an eye on each other’s property.

Has your place of business been affected by vandalism? SERVPRO® of North Augusta can assist with any damages that have occurred. Give us a call at 706-750-0200 so we can help make it, “Like it never even happened. ®”

My Commercial Kitchen Went Up in Flames

4/1/2022 (Permalink)

Tips On Fire Safety in the Kitchen 

Cooking fires are the leading cause of building fires. Whether you are preparing a full course meal or making a quick snack, following our safe kitchen techniques can keep members of your staff and your building safe. Here is the SERVPRO® of Augusta ‘Tips List’ regarding fire safety in the kitchen: 

  1. Never leave a stove unattended while in use. Staying in the kitchen while you’re frying, grilling, or boiling food can ensure a lack of problematic issues. If you do not always have someone to man your kitchen, turn all burners and the stove off while you leave the room.  
  2. Keep your kitchen and cooking area free from flammable materials. Keep anything that could easily catch fire away from your stovetop. Examples of these items are oven mitts or towels.
  3. Keep cooking equipment clean at all times. Food particles left in kitchen appliances, uncleaned grease on stovetops and dust buildup are considered fire hazardous. Make sure you’re wiping things down after every usage.  
  4. Never throw hot grease in the garbage can. Always let grease cool before disposing of it in the garbage can, if grease hasn’t had ample time to cool down it could ignite other materials within your disposal. A good additional tip is don’t pour grease or oil down the drain.  
  5. Wear close-fitting or tightly rolled sleeves. Loose clothing can easily catch on fire if it comes into too close contact with a gas flame or burner. Keep your staff and kitchen safe by wearing the proper clothing. 
  6. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Make sure you have the correct type of extinguisher placed in your kitchen, and that all staff are properly trained in how to use it.  

If A Fire Does Occur, What Should I Do? 

If a fire does occur, it is important to be prepared. Remember that your safety comes first! If you cannot safely extinguish a fire, get all staff and customers outside quickly and close the door behind you to contain the fire. Be sure to call 911 as quickly as possible to alert emergency responders to the fire. If fire is prompted due to grease, put a lid over the pan, turn off the stove and leave the pan covered until the fire is completely out.  

Commercial Kitchen Fire Got Your Emotions Up in Flames? Give SERVPRO® of Augusta a call 706-750-0200 to schedule a consultation today.

Prepping Your Augusta Commercial Business for Snow and Ice

12/1/2021 (Permalink)

Start Your Search for Winter Contractors Early

Often during nice, enjoyable days of Summer, we often don’t consider what the winter chill could bring. During the warmer, Summer season this is the best time to start checking your commercial business or home to make sure you are ahead on potential disasters due to structural threats.

Many things can happen during the Winter months, and you should be to fully prepared in order to stay ahead of damages. Commercial properties are not exempt from the necessity of preparing for harsher temperatures. Low temperatures and winter storm can cause critical damage, resulting in expensive repairs and potential disruption to business.

Here are Five Winter Prep Must Do’s for Commercial Property Owners:

  • Start by keeping your gutters clean and ensure that they are working properly. Lack of gutter maintenance or clogged gutters can lead to water accumulation on your roof, causing leaks and internal water damage.
  • Make sure you inspect your roof. Checking you roof during the summertime can save you an enormous amount of money. It can mean the difference between replacing a few shingles or replacing the entire roof and clearing up water damage or mold.
  • Maintain consistent temperature. Keeping the thermostat set between 50-60 degrees prevents freezing pipes, even in vacant buildings.
  • Keep a routine check of your property. Keeping eyes on the property can allow small issues to be seen and resolved before they become larger problems.
  • Eliminate drafts. Frigid air can enter your property through gaps in doors and windows, ensure all exterior doors and windows have weather stripping and caulking before winter starts.

In the state of a water disaster, call SERVPRO® of Augusta and we’ll Make It "Like it never even happened." Give us a call at 706-750-0200 today.

The History of Augusta and Historic Commercial Buildings

10/1/2021 (Permalink)

Where is Augusta Located?

Augusta is in the east central section of Georgia. The Savannah River serves as a border between Richmond and Aiken County (South Carolina). Augusta’s most recent population census showed that we currently have over 200,000 people residing within the city.

History of Augusta, Georgia

Augusta was established in 1736 by British General James Oglethorpe and was named after Princess Augusta of Saxe Gotha, who was the mother of King George III. Augusta was originally founded during the British Colonial era as a trading outpost and is Georgia’s second oldest, and second largest city. Originally built on the flat drops of land by the Savannah River, which is currently referred to as Summerville. In the early 1700s “Summerville” was also neighbored by tribes of Cherokee and Creek Indians.

Augusta served as the capital of Georgia from 1785-1795. Later on, as a crucial location in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, Augusta has the only structure ever built by the Confederate, the old Confederate Powder works.  

The Augusta Canal was built in 1847, making Augusta the second major inland cotton marketplace in the entire world during the cotton boom. Augusta later received its nickname “The Garden City” in the early twentieth century due to the cities many large and private gardens.

Noteworthy Structures

Augusta currently has 47 listings on the National Register of Historic Places, several historic monuments, and cemeteries. Augusta also has many historically important homes and buildings, such as the Boyhood home of the U.S. 28th president Woodrow Wilson and Springfield Baptist Church, the oldest African American church in the United States.

Present Day Augusta

In 1996 Augusta merged with Richmond County to create Augusta-Richmond County. This merge resulted in Augusta-Richmond County having 1 Mayor and 10 county commissioners.

Augusta is best recognized as ‘the golf capital of the world’, with millions of people traveling there every year in the first full week of April for the Masters Golf Tournament. Augusta is also home to the Augusta University and Fort Gordon which is the base for the U.S. Army Signal Corps, U.S. Army Cyber Command and the Cyber Center of Excellence.

Need Help Identifying Potential Mold?

Just purchased a historical building with water and fire damage or mold? Give SERVPRO® Professionals a call at 706-750-0200 and we’ll make it "Like it never even happened."®

How Can I Prep My Augusta Business Against the Delta Variant?

9/2/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO crew member in white PPE is in commercial offce building with green servproxide fogger helping to spray for COVID-19 Using SERVPROxide disinfectant can help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Call our office to learn more at 706-750-0200.

What Can a Business Like SERVPRO® Do To Help Against COVID-19?

When the coronavirus pandemic began in 2020, SERVPRO® Professionals came together to come up with the way they could best help the community. The SERVPRO® solution was the CSC program, called Certified: SERVPRO® Cleaned. This level of clean goes past any janitorial service, as it’s a “hands-on pathological pathogen cleaning.” Our SERVPRO® crews are trained in biohazard decontamination and follow strict CDC guidelines at every job. SERVPRO® Professionals use EPA-recognized products like SERVPROXIDE to sanitize and disinfect any surface, allowing businesses to open back up more quickly, or allows them to safely not close while still following CDC recommendations.

More About SERVPRO® CSC Program

The CSC Program is grounded in our 3 C’s - Consult, Clean and Certify. But why do the 3 C’s matter to our team? The 3 C’s were created and cultivated to best individually assist each customer for their target needs.


Not all businesses are the same, at SERVPRO® we understand your company needs a custom cleaning program that targets exactly what you need and we create it for you. Your specific CSC Program will be created based upon your businesses size, type, foot traffic, rate of touch points and crowding points.


Based on your businesses specific needs your company will have a thorough cleaning embedded in the foundations of People, Process and Product. Which means that we combine our excellently trained teams, cleaning products and service methods will ensure that you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are Certified: SERVPRO® Cleaned.


Once your business is Certified: SERVPRO® Cleaned, you gain access to CSC signage, or other digital images that guarantee to your customers that your business has received the highest standard of COVID cleaning available. We also add the date to any signage, allowing your customers to see that your business is proactive is making sure they’re safe, giving you happy customers and great revenue. 

We’re Always Here To Help® To schedule a consultation time and create a method for your businesses COVID-19 preparedness, give our office a call at 706-750-0200.

Augusta Commercial Businesses Respond to Disasters

8/24/2021 (Permalink)

Servpro crew member in black shirt removes debris from an apartment complex SERVPRO crews work to get your business back on back after a water loss!

When Augusta Water Damage Controls Your Business, Take it Back

A water damage at your local Augusta business may be the most unexpected incident you will experience while in operation. Most commonly, water damage incidents are unforeseen and have the ability cause a lot of headaches. As a business owner with a water damage, you may be affected financially from lost revenue from temporarily closing your doors. This type of lost revenue can not only affect your livelihood, but potentially the livelihood of your staff. Situations like these are why SERVPRO® of Augusta exists to serve you.

Often with unexpected water losses, as a business owner you may not be familiar to where the shut-off locations are for your structure. You may think. . .  “Where is the water and gas shut off for my building?” or “Who would I call for help after the fire fighters leave?” Having knowledge of where these shut offs are can mean the difference between having a costly repair bill or having only a minor cleanup. Regardless, SERVPRO® crew chiefs and technicians are ready to respond to any size disaster.

SERVPRO® capabilities for dealing with large scale losses for commercial businesses are practically endless. SERVPRO® is a national franchise system with over 1,900 franchises generously peppered all over the United States and Canada. To this point, should your businesses be a franchise or simply have multiple locations, your businesses local SERVPRO® if never too far.

Combatting the Lack of Knowledge for Where Emergency Shut Off Locations Are

Did you know that if a ½ inch pipe were to burst, it would release over 50 gallons of water per minute?

This amount of obtrusive water can be devastating to a commercial business. To help reduce the risk of loss, its important to educate yourself as top where your shut-off locations are. SERVPRO® professionals have program designed to help mitigate potential extensive damages caused by a water loss. We call this program an “Emergency Ready Plan.” An Emergency Ready Plan, or “ERP” is a tool SERVPRO® uses to help commercial businesses large and small prepare for emergency situations such as a fire damage, water damage, biohazards, and more.

Through the ERP, SERVPRO® professionals help you identify water and gas shut offs, along with other pertinent information that many would find important during an emergency. Not only is the ERP available in a tangible format, but its main feature is accessibility to view the plan from our SERVPRO App. Having the luxury of the ERP App means that should an incident occur, all peoples within the organization could have knowledge of structure saving information to help with the loss. The more timely a response, the more likely you are to recover quickly. SERVPRO® crews are available 24/7/365 to answer your emergency call.

Need SERVPRO® Services?

Please call our office for scheduling an appointment, to speak with a representative for your businesses ERP, or to get expert advice at 706-750-0200.

We Can Handle Any Flood Damage Obstacles In Your Augusta Shop

6/25/2021 (Permalink)

Common Challenges of Flood Damage In Shops

A flooding episode of any kind can have severe ramifications on your shop or any other business that you operate in Augusta. If it is a significant incident affecting extensive areas, you can expect additional challenges since restoration requires the coordination of different services, including emergency services. You may want to start restoration as soon as the water in the driveways and other open spaces recede. However, there are likely challenges you might face, which is why consulting a professional restoration company helps.

When the incident causing flood damage in Augusta shops affects many other properties in the same community, it adds an unwanted aspect of competition for resources since everyone is looking to save their assets. It can be challenging to access industrial-grade equipment to extract water and dry the excess moisture from the structure. Our SERVPRO teams are fully prepared to deal with major incidents, which is why we stockpile a variety of equipment necessary for restoration. Our storm trucks are also ready to deploy to any location at any time.

Flood Damage Restoration

Floodwaters tend to soil everything in their path once they gain access inside a building. In a shop where most of the items are consumables, such exposure leads to a total loss. Luckily, having an active insurance policy covers the damages suffered. The challenge many people face is in filling the paperwork for contents claim insurance. Our SERVPRO technicians help ease the burden by coordinating with the insurance adjuster throughout the restoration process. Our electronic CCIS, Content Claim Inventory Service, also eliminates the difficult task of filling regular paperwork and makes it easy to categorize contents by damage extent.

Restoring your shop to a preloss state from a functional as well as aesthetic perspective is essential. You may not realize it because many long-term customers not only expect to find the products they regularly use at your shop, but the layout also becomes part of their shopping experience. Our SERVPRO IICRC-certified crews help ensure you do not lose any crucial layout aspects by taking several photos before any teardown.

To deal with any challenges of flood damage in a shop effectively, call SERVPRO of Augusta to assist. You can reach us at (706) 750-0200 any time. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Augusta Businesses Recognize SERVPRO as One of the Leading Mold Removal Companies

5/19/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo contact us You want a team of professionals on your side for mold remediation. Call SERVPRO at (706) 750-0200.

SERVPRO Stands out Amongst Commercial Mold Remediation Companies in Augusta 

Mold at your place of business is never a pleasant discovery. SERVPRO, one of the leading mold removal companies in Augusta, can help you to remediate mold safely and efficiently. Mold can have health effects on people working in your commercial space and, if neglected, can even lead to significant structural damages costing thousands in repairs. 

Many species and varieties of mold can contaminate your commercial space. Unlike other mold removal companies in Augusta that tend to scare business owners with the dangers of black mold (Stachybotrys chartarum), SERVPRO technicians never use this scare tactic. Black mold is no more dangerous than regular mold. 

Why Professional Mold Inspections, Remediations, and Removal Necessary from Your Augusta Property

Most types of mold in your Augusta property grow and multiply in damp and warm spaces, although some can grow in temperatures as low as 320F and as high as 1220F as well. Mold reproduces by forming spores, tiny particles that can detach from the network of mold (hyphae) even by the slightest disturbances and spread through the air. Hence, trying mold remediation yourself can cause the spores to spread to the unaffected area, complicating the remediation process. SERVPRO mold specialists have the necessary equipment and experience to limit the spread of these spores to unaffected areas. 

Certain mold can also produce toxic substances such as Mycotoxins and Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds (mVOCs) known to cause health effects. SERVPRO consults Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) professionals and Indoor Environmental Professionals (IEP) to come up with a remediation plan that is safe and effective. Often this third party cooperation is required by municipal or governmental authorities. 

Call SERVPRO of Augusta at (706) 750-0200 for 24/7 mold remediation service.

Augusta Business Water Damage Cleanup

4/20/2021 (Permalink)

Thermal Imaging for Water Damage Thermal Imaging helps to identify potential problem areas during a commercial water loss.

SERVPRO Helps to Minimize Disruptions in the Workplace

If experiencing a water damage was not enough of a disruption to your business’s normal operations, unfortunately it can threaten low productivity in the workplace as well. SERVPRO aims to combat secondary costs such as this when restoring your business from water damage losses. By responding quickly to your call for water damage help Augusta, we can minimize extensive damage to the structure and minimize time spent at your business.

Commercial Water Damage Fast Response Times

Water damages can occur through a series of culprits, from loose fittings, leaking hoses to sinks, toilet overflows, water heater leaks, and more. If you find yourself and your business with a water damage, call the professionals at SERVPRO of Augusta. We understand the importance of reacting quickly when a water loss threatens your business. When water losses go untreated, excess moisture and standing water can lead to mold growth.

If water leaks go unnoticed for an extended period, mold can lurk behind baseboards and other untapped areas. Fortunately, SERVPRO professionals have advance industry equipment to see beyond the surface, such as:

  • Infrared Cameras
  • Moisture Meters
  • Flir Imaging
  • Thermal Imaging

Contents Restoration by SERVPRO

Did You Know? SERVPRO of Augusta has a department solely dedicated to contents restoration. Should your business experience a water loss and office equipment, office furniture, documents or merchandise is affected, call us! We can provide resources for restoring documents through our Documents Restoration Team and for other affected contents with our Contents Management/Restoration Team. Both team sectors aim to salvage your furniture, merchandise, and documents.

Want to learn more about this service? Visit our Document Restoration and Commercial Cleaning Pages!

How do Businesses Respond to Commercial Flooding?

4/1/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician at work. SERVPRO uses the latest technology and equipment when it comes to water restoration for your commercial building.

Augusta Businesses Use SERVPRO to Perform Flood Damage Repair

Flooding in a place of work can be a headache. Often staff must be set home to maintain safety standards which can impact overall productivity and output. SERVPRO operates a commercial restoration service that promises to remove large quantities of water from your business quickly. 

Combatting commercial flood damage for Augusta businesses often involves larger capacity equipment. One of these differences is the type of pump. Water pumps have variable capabilities but are similar in their power sources and technology. All submersible pumps are measured by the combination of their lift capacity and volume capacity. We can select suitable water pumps to get your business back on track after flooding. 

  • Self-priming trash pumps have the unique capability of shifting solid waste up to 1.25 inches and are frequently used in flood situations.
  • A business with a long-distance to an open sewer point or on upper levels benefits from using high-pressure pumps that allow standing water to be transported over longer distances.
  • Electric submersible pumps are the most versatile and quiet, with the most powerful capabilities of shifting between 1000 and 6000 gallons per minute (GPM.)

Get rid of floodwaters and re-open your business. Contact SERVPRO of Augusta at (706) 750-0200.

How do Professionals Reduce Fire-Related Damages?

3/26/2021 (Permalink)

fire damaged hallway of a home. Fire damage done to your home is very scary. SERVPRO will guide you through the entire process from beggning to end.

SERVPRO of Augusta Helps Local Businesses Overcome Fire Damage

On the banks of the Savannah River is Augusta, Georgia. The area is part of a consolidated county system which includes Augusta and Richmond County. The city of Augusta is home to 600,151 permanent residents and was first established as far back as 1736. Early trade in the Augusta region relied on the so-called 'black belt,' which was a crescent of richly fertile land on the Savannah River's northern parts. The fertile land allowed Augusta to develop quickly as an agricultural region, while the river allowed for trade across the country. One of the primary agricultural processes in the early history of Augusta was cotton.

Augusta was one of several regions in the US that were significant during the Reconstruction. When, following the American Revolutionary War, Secessionist areas were broken up, and slavery was abolished. Modern-day Augusta is perhaps best known for hosting the US Masters Golf Tournament, which forms one of just four major championships each year. The local economy is also a leading light in medicine, biotechnology, and tech. Medical research centers and hospitals in Augusta contribute $1.6 billion annually, employing over 25,000.

  • The Masters Tournament takes place at Augusta National Golf Club on Washington Road annually. The highly-coveted event can have ticket waiting lists up to several years in advance and is well-known for its tradition of awarding green jackets to the tournament winners.
  • The Augusta Green Jackets are a minor league baseball team that plays games at SRP Park. The arena, on railroad avenue in northern Augusta, holds 5,000 ball fans and was voted as the best minor league baseball arena in 2018.
  • The Riverwalk is a mile-long stretch on the Savannah River with both upper and level walking areas. Along the route is Augusta's local history museum as well as cafes and art galleries. On Saturdays, the local crafts market offers visitors unique gifting ideas and keepsakes.

SERVPRO Can Help Recover a Business Quickly after Fire in Augusta

Fires frequently make business premises unsafe. Our team of technicians is available twenty-four-hours a day to ensure you can reach a solution to your fire issue as quickly as possible. SERVPRO endeavors to keep temporary business closure to a minimum by performing efficient restoration and cleaning services. Fire restoration relies primarily on understanding how different soot deposits react to cleaning agents. The restoration also depends on having the correct mechanical equipment to return items, textiles, and structures to a preloss condition.

  • Rotary machines allow us to dislodge dry soots from fabrics, carpets, or upholstery quickly and buffer textile fibers to a preloss condition. 
  • Odor counteracting pellets can be placed near cavities or other parts of the business to mask odors until they disperse naturally. 
  • Using chemical pairing agents, we can capture odor particles and prevent them from causing further inconvenience to your business. 

Re-open your business faster after a fire. Contact SERVPRO of Augusta for fire restoration at (706) 750-0200.

SERVPRO Supports Local Augusta Businesses With Water Removal Services

12/15/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Technician using equipment SERVPRO technicians will arrive on scene shortly after your call to us.

Augusta Properties Benefit From Fast Water Removal From Locally-Based SERVPRO

The city of Augusta was originally a British colony in 1736. It was the second settlement established under James Oglethorpe after Savannah. Before the influx of European settlers, the location was once the site where the local indigenous people crossed the Savannah River. There is a Fall Line that makes the terrain flat and easy to navigate. In the present, the city is the second-largest in the state, with prospects favorable for continued growth. The name for the city came from Princess Augusta, the wife of Frederick, Prince of Wales. 

Unlike many colonial settlements, the local townspeople lived peacefully and traded with the local tribes, including: 

  • Chickasaw
  • Creek
  • Yuchi
  • Shawnee

The Shawnee were originally known as Savano, and the Savannah River is an Anglicization of the original name of the tribe. 

Early Transportation In The Augusta Area

In the mid-1700s, Augusta began constructing roads to enable more people to reach the city without the need to travel on the Savannah River via boats. The result was more and more people moved to the city. The establishment of the Georgia Railroad in 1845 created a much-needed link to Atlanta and increased the accessibility for trade. 

Changes in Augusta During the American Revolution and Civil War

When the American Revolution occurred, Savannah went back under British authority. This left Augusta as the new state capital until it too fell to the British. The Americans took the city back only to lose it again to the British. After the war, the building of the Augusta Canal helped the city become a hub for the production of many needed items such as: 

  • Gunpowder
  • Paper
  • Textiles

The Confederate Powderworks was a mainstay in the city, and many Augustans were in favor of the idea of a Civil War. However, once the war between the North and South happened, the city found itself overrun with refugees from other parts of the state that had already been overtaken by the Union Army from the North. General Sherman's army burned a large portion of Georgia, and the Augusta area did not get spared. During the reconstruction period after the war, martial law needed to get instated to keep the crime rates down and civil unrest at a minimum. 

Revitalization of Augusta

By the early 1990s, many of the businesses had left the downtown area. This area of Augusta became the textbook look for urban decay. In 1995, a loose collective of the art community began a monthly event known as "First Friday." On the first Friday of each month, there is a gathering of local bands, street entertainers, and art galleries featured during art walks. The result of this monthly event has seen the return of restaurants and bars to the area. 

Great Places to Visit in Augusta

August is filled with interesting and historical venues. One of the top draws in the area is the Masters. This is a must-see event where attendees get to watch pros from all over the world complete. Tickets can be difficult to obtain, and many people opt to watch the practice rounds, which can also be sold out for up to a year before the event. 

Augusta was founded around the canals, and the Augusta Canal Discovery Center gives guided canal boat tours daily. Participants can learn about the history and the importance of the canals as part of the city's founding. 

The Downtown Riverwalk has beautiful views of the Savannah River. Walkers can choose to walk the path along the river or go across the levee. There are numerous restaurants and bars nearby and conveniently-placed benches for seating along the route. 

One of the stops on the Riverwalk is the Morris Art Museum. This venue has the distinction of being the oldest museum in the country that is dedicated to the art and artists of the South. The permanent collection has over 5,000 artworks. The museum also puts on an average of twelve special exhibitions yearly with rotating displays, including public programs and charity events. 

History and music buffs alike enjoy the Augusta Museum of History. Many things contributed to the city's growth, and many of them get highlighted in the museum, such as trolley cars, the railroad, maps of the canals, and of course, a tribute to Augusta's favorite son, the godfather of funk, James Brown. Downtown features another tribute to Brown in the form of a lifesize statue at the intersection of James Brown Boulevard and Broad Street. 

What Happens to Stock and Furnishings During Commercial Water Removal in Augusta?

It can be disheartening to come into an Augusta business and find it needs commercial water removal. The key to getting the business reopened as fast as possible means the cleanup needs to start as soon as the water gets discovered.

Once SERVPRO technicians arrive onsite soon after the initial call, they use their equipment to locate all areas of water collection and determine where the migration path or paths are within the structure. The techs have advanced extraction equipment that pulls even deeply embedded moisture to the surface. 

In situations where there are furnishings and stock, such as in a retail store, the elevated interior humidity can damage articles. SERVPRO techs perform pack-outs where they take items in an organized fashion, either off-site or to a secure area during the restoration services. The things get cataloged as to their location in the building, so once the area is cleaned and dried, the pieces can get moved back and replaced in their former spot to limit the amount of disruption to the business once it reopens. 

Once the restoration services complete, the crew chief can walk the property owner through the worksite and go over the actions taken, such as: 

  • Controlled demolition
  • Confirmation of disposal of ruined building materials
  • Estimate for reopening 
  • Any repairs needed 

SERVPRO of Augusta at (706) 750-0200 handles the cleanup and commercial water removal for local Augusta properties. The trained technicians have extensive experience and the advanced equipment to make the damage, "Like it never even happened." 

SERVPRO COVID 19 Cleaning for Augusta Small Business

10/28/2020 (Permalink)

STUDIO 285 - image of the outside of the building Locally famous salon takes action against COVID-19 and chooses to be Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned

How Local Businesses Can Stand Up Against COVID-19 

Recently, multiple Augusta based businesses have taken action against the COVID-19 outbreak in our area. Numerous companies have selected SERVPRO of Augusta as their COVID-19 responder to aid in providing a safe work environment for their employees, and a safe environment for their clients. SERVPRO of Augusta has responded to a call to action from our clients to combat COVID-19 / Coronavirus outbreak by offering Proactive and Reactive Sanitizations. 

Proactive versus Reactive Response 

For SERVPRO servicing, there are two options we offer for COVID-19 cleanings: Proactive and Reactive.

Do not currently have a confirmed COVID-19 case? But, wanting to take extra precaution for you and your employees?

We recommend a Proactive Cleaning from SERVPRO of Augusta. Proactive unlike Reactive, is not in response to a confirmed coronavirus case; but is viewed as a preemptive step. SERVPRO of Augusta offers Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned for your business. CSC is an option for regularly scheduling your business to be proactively sanitized by SERVPRO professionals. CSC is available on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Have you, your employees, or a client recently been diagnosed with COVID 19 or are suspected of having contracting COVID? If yes, then your business will be classified as needing a Reactive Cleaning from SERVPRO.

Reactive cleaning protocol includes a SERVPRO crew arriving on site with Professional Protective Equipment (PPE): PPE full-body coverings, Gloves, Full-face respirators/coverings, Shoe coverings, and other PPE related equipment for safely sanitizing your place of business. Crews will enter equipped with electrostatic sprayers and SERVPRO-produced sanitizing products. Electrostatic sprayers emit a fine mist that will cover walls and hard surfaces. Additionally, SERVPRO crews will conduct a wipe down of high-touch points with our sanitizing products.

SERVPRO of Augusta Tips for Remaining Safe from COVID-19:

  • Wear a Face Mask
  • Keep a Safe Distance
  • Clean and Disinfect Frequently
  • Wash Hands Regularly

Want to schedule a CSC Program consultation for your business? Give us a call for a quote at (706) 750-0200

Can a Professional Team Help Address Mold in a Store’s Attic?

10/6/2020 (Permalink)

baseboard removed, revealing mold. flooring also removed When water damage lead to mold growth, this business owner called SERVPRO. We were able to remediate both the water and mold damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Handle Mold in Augusta Commercial Settings by Applying Industry Best Practices 

Mold is not uncommon in Augusta and its surrounding areas. We often hear from homeowners when they either see it or start sensing a musty smell in their homes. However, commercial settings, such as a novelty store, can also develop mold on the premises. Any excess humidity can prompt mold growth and allow it to spread. When it happens in low-traffic sections such as an attic or a storage room, it may take months before someone detects the issue, which only works to your detriment. 

Mold remediation in Augusta businesses is a job for our SERVPRO specialized team. 

We train and certify our staff under the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to develop a feasible action plan to restore your business with minimal disruption. Mold is a complex issue that poses a health threat, but our expert team can take steps to mitigate your loss. 

Where does mold grow, and how can it be eliminated?

Mold can grow everywhere. It can affect your carpets, wallpaper, and wood beams. Spores can also travel through the ventilation ducts to spread through the store, making it essential that your AC annual check-up includes looking for mold. In our course of work, we attempt to stop the spread of mold by isolating the affected area and creating physical barriers. However, mold remediation is more complicated than using a cleaning solution. Our SERVPRO team may use some of the following techniques to remediate mold in your shop: 

  • Air scrubbers to attract airborne spores
  • HEPA filtration and negative pressure techniques to clean the air
  • Anti-microbial treatments to eliminate existing mold colonies and prevent a recurrence 

Mold is a serious issue, and our team at SERVPRO of Augusta treats it as such. When you call us at (706) 750-0200, you reach a team of technicians where safety and excellence are at our core. We strive to leave your store in every step we take, “Like it never even happened.”

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What Should I Do If the Cinder Blocks in My Augusta Warehouse Get Wet After a Flood?

8/25/2020 (Permalink)

flooding in property If your business' warehouse ever gets flooded after a storm, call SERVPRO of Augusta at (706) 750-0200 24 hours a day.

For Commercial Flood Removal Inside Your Business' Warehouse in Augusta Call SERVPRO

When a vicious rainstorm creates flooding conditions in your Augusta neighborhood, it is likely that water will find its way into your warehouse. Once H2O starts building up on your warehouse's floors, moisture can then begin to soak into other structural components, including your cinder block walls.

Can moisture get inside my cinder block walls?

During flood removal operations in Augusta, our SERVPRO crew sometimes has to deal with situations where water has found its way inside your cinder block walls. Cinder blocks are sometimes called cement blocks or concrete masonry units (CMU), and they are made from a mixture of cement, water, and gravel. The cinder blocks themselves are porous, meaning that water can make its way through the material, but they are often painter or coated with a material that creates a vapor barrier.

How can you tell if water got inside my warehouse's cinder block walls?

    •    Non-Penetrating Moisture Meter: We can use a non-penetrating moisture meter to figure out if there is water sitting inside your cinder blocks. We can also use these meters to determine what sections of your warehouse's cinder block walls got wet.
    •    Examine the Cinder Block's Surface: We can then inspect the surface of the cinder blocks inside your warehouse to see if they are painted or not. Paint on the outside of your cinder blocks can act as a vapor barrier and prevent moisture on the inside of your cinder blocks from moving to the outside.
    •    Drill Holes in the Cinder Block to Drain: We can drill holes in the bottom of your cinder block walls at the mortar joints to drain out any moisture sitting inside them.
    •    Restorability: According to industry standards, the cinder block is restorable when dealing with clean or contaminated water. Cinder blocks can be dried out by pushing air into the holes drill into the mortar joints.

If your business' warehouse ever gets flooded after a storm, call SERVPRO of Augusta at (706) 750-0200 24 hours a day.

My Augusta Business Suffered Fire Damage – What Cleanup Process Do You Use?

7/22/2020 (Permalink)

"Call Now" SERVPRO professionals are trained to handle every level of fire damage. Call us today, we are always available.

SERVPRO’s Technicians Follow Basic Principles and Elements of Cleaning to Ensure Your Business is Up and Running as Quickly as Possible.

A fire can shut down your Augusta business in a heartbeat. When looking at the ruins the thought - “Can this even be saved?” – might be running through your head. It can seem overwhelming and filled with uncertainty. But you may find yourself pleasantly surprised at just what our crews can repair and restore.

 What are the principles of cleanup after a fire?

 When a fire blazes through your Augusta business leaving fire damage and smoke problems, it leaves a huge mess of charred, smoky remains. While structural material and some of the contents may need replacing cleaning and restoration, we strive for. Restoration will save on your insurance costs and allow you to keep irreplaceable items. The cleanup principles employed by our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified and fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) are such things as finding residues, identifying surface material, and resolving the mess left behind.

  Residues Can Differ

 Before deciding what type of cleaning services are needed, the estimator will ascertain what type of smoke residue exists and the extent of the damage. The technicians will do the pretesting of surface material. When these two groups combine their results, they will have a thorough knowledge of what type of residue they are dealing with, the locations to get cleaned, and the type of surfaces that needs cleaning.

 Residue Removal 

Fire damage and smoke damage leave behind debris that contains solid particles. The good news is a lot of this debris can be removed by dry vacuuming. If the particles get wet, they can get absorbed by the surface. This makes it harder to remove. Capturing and removal of smoke and soot residue include:

  • Vacuuming - always the first step to getting rid of soot. Large amounts of soot can often get removed via dry brushing and vacuuming.
  • Dissolving – dissolving allows the residues to loosen and rinse away or extracted in a cleaning solution.
  • Disposal – the team will determine the type of disposal that is required. Some residues will need special handling and disposal.

Elements of Cleaning

Once the vacuuming occurs, the next step is cleaning the tougher areas which are absorbed or bonded with the soot. Choosing the right method of dissolving and removing the residue is critical to returning the material to the preloss condition. Four elements affect how soot and dirt become suspended in a cleaning product:

  • Temperature
  • Agitation
  • Chemical action
  • Time    

These four actions, known as TACT, must be used in the correct ratio for your unique situation. Our SERVPRO crews have the experience and training to plan a cleaning course of action to remove soils and soot in the timeliest manner possible. They use advanced technology and heavy-duty equipment and industry grade chemicals to achieve the goal of leaving it, ”Like it never even happened.” 

 What Content Can be Restored?

Many companies assume that everything is lost that has come in contact with the fire. SERVPRO can clean, repair, and restore more than the typical business owner would imagine. Office furniture, draperies, and items such as file cabinets are restored to their preloss condition, depending on how severe the damage. Restoration and repair are always the goals.

 What If the Odor Has Spread?

The stench left by fire damage and smoke is overwhelming. Even in areas where the fire did no visible damage, the smoke can travel via airflow and HVAC ducts. Our technicians use deodorizing methods to remove the smell from ductwork and contents that are affected. A variety of purifying methods get used, including filtration agents, disinfectants, and air scrubbers. Everyone smells things differently, and we strive to make sure you are satisfied.

Trust the Experts Who Understand Fire Clean Up

With trained technicians who can handle everything from elemental fire damage and smoke cleanup to reupholstering furniture, there is no need for numerous contractors to get the job done. We move your business content offsite if necessary while cleaning and repairing. We work closely with your insurance company and keep you informed every step of the way. Customer satisfaction is always our highest priority. 

Our Green Team is available 24/7 to help your business recover from fire damage and smoke. Contact SERVPRO of Augusta at (706) 750-0200 for more information. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

I know I need to face my Augusta building’s issue with mold— Who can inspect and help me remove it?

6/17/2020 (Permalink)

mold damaged wall Having mold issues in your place of business? Call the local branch of SERVPRO in your Augusta area to mitigate your mold problem.

Mold Inspection and Remediation Services Are a Core Focus of SERVPRO’s Mission to Make It “Like it never even happened,” in Augusta Commercial Buildings

Water damage and mold infestations have a symbiotic relationship in Augusta as they do in any other community. Mold spores are everywhere in the environment, mostly unnoticed as they are tiny and not currently in an active state. When those spores encounter a small bit of water or even high humidity over at least 24 to 48 hours, mold growth is likely. 

Can I Rely on My Ordinary Cleaning Crew to Inspect and Manage Mold Effectively?

The issues presented in your Augusta business concerning mold inspection and remediation services likely will recur if specially trained and equipped crews are not in the vanguard of your response efforts. Your regular cleaning crews are probably aware of mold growth and react with non-invasive and short-term solutions. Diluted bleach formulations are often the product of choice, but they have significant limitations:

  • Their most substantial action is usually lightening the mold staining on the surface only
  • The active ingredient rarely reaches the full extent of the organisms’ hyphae (branchlike “root” system)
  • Their high-water content can push moisture into permeable materials and feed additional mold growth

How Do Trained Mold Remediators Differ from the Average Cleaning Crew?

SERVPRO offers effective and efficient mold inspection and remediation services partially because they dovetail seamlessly into our core water damage restoration services. When our crews arrive to evaluate your mold concerns, we walk in with a professional capability to find and follow the water and moisture trails that lead to potential mold damage. Our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained managers and technicians are always on alert for signs of both water and mold damage. It informs every aspect of the services we offer to businesses in our region. We want to help you resolve the problem, not just manage it on every cleaning pass.

What Is the Procedure Used by Properly Trained Mold Remediators?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed a research-based protocol for commercial buildings and schools. We employ this protocol in our mold remediation work. Phases of the project unpack as follows:

Locate the Mold Growth

How do we inspect for mold growth?

Although we have access to resources to detect mold growth, we usually start with the building owner or manager’s observations. Once we find the signs (staining, visible mold colonies, and musty smells), we investigate how extensive the mold invasion is by checking for wet building materials using tools like moisture detectors and thermal imaging.

Contain the Moldy Area and Affected Materials

How do we contain the area?

Mold spores are lighter than aid and quite dispersible as airborne irritants. They also hold the potential to absorb water in other spaces and start new damage. We contain the workspace with 6-mil polyethylene sheeting attached to framing or a temporary structure to limit the drift of debris and to protect occupants in the building during the remediation. The sealing of the space is reinforced through the use of negative pressure air scrubbing technology, which also captures the airborne debris in HEPA filters before exhausting to the outdoors.

Remove the Mold and Debris

How do we remove the mold?

The primary actions found most effective are mechanical--brushing, scraping, and then vacuuming and wiping up residues. If the mold has infiltrated porous materials, we decide to either cut those materials out and discard them or use abrasive techniques like soda or dry ice blasting to dislodge and disrupt the growth of the organisms.

Apply Antimicrobials

When and why do we use antimicrobials?

In some cases, we apply EPA-registered antimicrobials in a broadcast spray before removal to reduce the airborne load during the project. We do not use the sprays as the only response, but also apply the product to inhibit the mold infestation rebound after removal. Our team is well positioned to offer Certified SERVPRO Cleaned for possible pathogenic presence with our advanced equipment and ongoing training.

Why Does the Remediation Team Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

We employ the PPE for two reasons--to protect our technicians and the occupants of the building as we perform the remediation. The care we use when donning and removing the PPE ensures we do not track moldy debris into unaffected areas of your commercial building, safeguarding you, your customers, and your employees.

Discuss your mold inspection concerns with the well-prepared and talented team at SERVPRO of Augusta. Our crews are just one quick phone call away at (706) 750-0200, ready to assess and follow up with proven mold remediation best practices.

Commercial Water Cleanup in Your Augusta Office Building

5/4/2020 (Permalink)

leak caused major flooding Call SERVPRO for water cleanup services and restoration work that helps keep your business running smoothly.

Broken Feed Lines to Your Lobby’s Drinking Fountain Mean Commercial Water Cleanup in Your Augusta Office Building

Although water fountains use much less pressure than in many other locations, a break in a feed line can soak floors, especially if several hours pass before someone notices a problem. When employees walk into work in the morning, not expecting a slippery floor, accidents can happen. Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common in Augusta, making it crucial that you eliminate such situations as quickly as possible.

Mopping the area makes walkways safer in your business, but commercial water cleanup in Augusta ensures that damage affecting your property stops spreading. Water can damage flooring of all types, including polished stone, if cleanup and removal are delayed.

Damage prevented by prompt water cleanup by qualified mitigation technicians ranges from:
    •    Mold and mildew
    •    The development of odors
    •    Grout deterioration to
    •    Dissolving glue under thinner carpets

Our technicians’ Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training includes prevention of damage through cleanup and other mitigative work. We want to reduce as much damage as possible, as well as the possibility of future damage from developing from an invasive water incident.

Water cleanup tasks, starting with removing visible moisture, then any trapped water, keeps your office suites from experiencing additional problems. Microscopic organisms can begin thriving in slightly damp areas of any size, including the tiny pores in stone or within the adhesive used in other flooring. Odors can begin appearing with or without microbial growth and can occur with almost any flooring. Tile floors might become loose, slip out of place, and breakage can result. Glue is often used under thinner carpets in commercial settings, and this can dissolve when exposed to water. Linoleum sheets can experience the same issue, with bubbling appearing on the surface.

Our expert crew can mitigate these situations for you in an efficient, cost-effective manner that leaves your property protected. Call SERVPRO of Augusta at (706) 750-0200 for water cleanup services and restoration work that helps keep your business running smoothly.

For more about Augusta click here.

Removing Smoke Odors From Your Augusta Property

2/10/2020 (Permalink)

library restored after damage After a fire in your library, many of the works available for readers could hold harsh odors or residues from the recent disaster.

Removing Smoke Odors from a Fire-Damaged Library in Augusta

Public and private Augusta libraries both have troves of valuable information and countless tales across thousands of publications. If a fire takes place in this area of your facility, or standalone structure, it is essential to do whatever you can to reduce the spread and severity of fire loss damages like soot and smoke odors. In many cases, this involves acquiring the right professionals to help.

Fire damage to Augusta properties can appear in many different ways, and to your library, this is often smoke and soot residues and odors. Considering how quickly these threats can move from the fire’s origin point out through the building, the right containment processes can make a substantial difference in the ultimate recovery of the facility. Our SERVPRO restoration professionals, along with our in-house team of licensed commercial contractors, can work to build barriers surrounding the damage zones to maximize mitigation strategies set to begin.

Smoke odors can often be one of the most problematic concerns for our restorers, primarily because these molecules have utilized the heat of the fire loss incident to penetrate surfaces and materials like the books, shelving, and carpets of the structure. Even when these materials do not require replacement or demolition, addressing trapped smoke odors can be necessary. In your library, you have hundreds of potential hosts for smoke odors in each of the books and volumes on the shelf, and cleaning up these books is not going to be enough to remove these lingering scents.

While some on-site deodorization tactics with thermal foggers can be useful in this situation, it is often much more time-efficient and thorough to utilize our ozone chamber in our nearby SERVPRO facility. We can place all of the affected books and furniture in this sealed room and allow the ozone pumped into the chamber to neutralize smoke and other harsh post-fire odors.

After a fire in your library, many of the works available for readers could hold harsh odors or residues from the recent disaster. Our SERVPRO of Augusta team can help with effective deodorization and fire mitigation services to get your doors back open quickly. Give our experts a call anytime at (706) 750-0200.

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We Get You Back In Business In Martinez After A Water Damage Disaster

12/27/2019 (Permalink)

Our drying equipment drying the floor in this room after a water damage disaster We provided water extraction and dried the damaged floor covering so the subfloor could dry completely.

Why Professional Commercial Water Cleanup is a Must for Martinez Properties

Many buildings employ professional janitorial services for the routine upkeep and cleaning of the property. When situations happen that need commercial water cleanup, the job may be more significant than the scope of service your regular clean up crew can handle.

The type of commercial water cleanup Martinez business properties choose to use can affect the outcome of their structure and contents from water loss. Incomplete removal of moisture leaves the property open for a range of issues from softened, warped sheetrock, loose tiles, or mold.

Water Removal Makes the Difference

While your janitorial service may have wet/dry vacuums, it cannot compare to the diverse array of extraction equipment used by SERVPRO. The technicians arrive on-site with everything needed for the job in their green service vans, including generators, if power is out at the location. The portable pumps, submersibles, and truck-mounted units in cases of a wide area of water damage, make fast work of extraction of the moisture from the structure.

Professional Drying Equipment

SERVPRO uses air movers that blow as high velocity and work to pull embedded moisture to the surface where their dehumidification equipment removes it and ports it off-site. Even large-sized industrial fans cannot match the drying power. Careful monitoring of ambient humidity ensures that the area dries completely. In cases where they need to dry behind walls or under floors, the use of specialized equipment such as drying mats or the Injecti-Dry to force large quantities of air into wall cavities.

Option for Deep Cleaning

The technicians wipe down surfaces with their cleaning agents, including antimicrobial solutions, but also offer a deep-cleaning service that cleans and sanitizes building above and beyond what the standard janitorial service does. Even when water loss is not an issue, it is a good idea to get the office deep-cleaned at least once a year. The final element of restoration involves ensuring the office smells as fresh and clean as it looks. The techs perform any needed odor control applications to remove any residual musty odors left behind.

SERVPRO of Augusta at (706) 750-0200 when your property requires commercial water cleanup. The technicians have the skills and equipment to make the water loss "Like it never even happened."

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When Augusta Hospitals Experience a Water Loss Event

10/28/2019 (Permalink)

hallway of commercial building with SERVPRO equipment Did your commercial property experience a water loss incident? SERVPRO is always on call and has the equipment to restore your building quickly.

Large Loss Water Restoration for Sprawling Augusta Properties 

As a large loss provider to the Augusta area, we have many massive commercial structures that depend on us to address widespread water loss incidents. From smaller-scale situations that require minimal equipment usage to large losses, our SERVPRO professionals answer the call 24/7 to begin protecting your structure, its occupants, and the investment in contents within the building. This need is especially critical when medical facilities fall victim to water loss scenarios. 

There are numerous advantages to being part of a large loss service provider, and that covers every recovery aspect from content management to water removal for Augusta hospitals. We can immediately begin restoration of large facilities like this in our service region because we have the full support of the nearby branches of our brand to help fill in our ranks and inventory shortcomings when considerable loss incidents occur. Large loss teams benefit medical facilities in several specific ways. 

Drying and Extraction Equipment 

The primary advantage of our involvement with a Large Loss Response Team is the combined available inventories of all SERVPRO branches working on this single task. From providing hundreds of air movers and dehumidifiers to an equal volume of premier extraction tools, we can meet the demands of even substantial water loss incidents affecting multiple wings or floors of your area facility.

Full Restoration Technician Support 

Each component of the broader response team has accreditations with various restoration niches through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC.) This much more extensive roster of qualified professionals can address nearly any obstacle in the hospital or sizable public structure, from drying and extraction to coordinating the movement of patients or equipment when necessary.

Reduction in Overall Damage and Restoration Cost 

Because of our fast and sufficient response to the current damage, we can reduce the migration of water loss effects and protect your facility and its management from incurring higher restoration or later reconstruction costs. 

We know how dangerous and threatening disasters in a hospital can be for both patients and staff, so our SERVPRO of Augusta team is ready and able to help 24/7. If you want to make even large loss scenarios, “Like it never even happened.” give us a call today at (706) 750-0200.

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We Offer Tips For Flood Damage Restoration In Augusta

9/10/2019 (Permalink)

Drying equipment sitting in a room after flood damage We can arrive swiftly with skilled technicians and use our advanced drying equipment to minimize the further damage.

Top Things to Know About Commercial Flood Damage in Augusta

For business owners, your property is one of your most substantial assets, and when it receives water damage, the professional and financial setback caused closure during cleanup can hurt the revenue flow and the reputation of your business.

The certified experts at SERVPRO put together a list of tips for Augusta property owners with commercial flood damage. Securing your building and saving as much of the contents as possible is a priority, and there are actions business owners can take to limit loss.

Regular Inspections Prevent Loss

It is a good idea to implement a property inspection program regularly. Seemingly small issues such as clogged gutters cause water to back up onto the roof and erosion causes damage. Drainage is another concern; make sure the grade around the building directs water away. 

Look for Leaks

The intense storms in this part of the state cause wind and hail damage that leave roofing vulnerable to leaks. Tell employees to report signs of water on ceilings or walls immediately, so repairs happen as fast as possible. 

Groundwater Requires Professional Handling

You do not know what is in flood damage and until SERVPRO professionally tests it, humans should avoid contact. When their technicians mitigate this type of water damage, they set up staging areas, containment and wear protective clothing to stop cross-contamination during flood water removal and cleanup.

Actions to Halt Further Water Damage

SERVPRO technicians use their moisture detection equipment to trace the migration path of the water. They determine the extent of water wicked into sheetrock and how much requires removal. This action also assists in the creation of weep holes and other drainage methods to expel water and allow greater airflow during drying. 

SERVPRO Has Access to Advanced Equipment

To get the business cleaned and prepped for any needed repairs, a thorough extraction of water must occur. The wet/dry vacuum used by the cleaning crew may be great for small spills, but groundwater removal requires industrial-grade power and equipment such as submersible pumps or portable pumps. These work far more efficiently to remove the water thoroughly and in doing so, lessens the drying time needed. 

Mold May Set Up Home in Your Business

In as fast as 24-hours, and once established, mold colonies spread quickly anywhere there is an excess of moisture and something to consume such as sheetrock. SERVPRO technicians use preventative measures to inhibit mold growth as well as the application of antimicrobial sealers to areas of the home after remediation of mold to ensure no regrowth occurs.

SERVPRO of Augusta at (706) 750-0200 handles any size commercial flood damage wholly and quickly so your company does not remain closed long, and you can get back to the business of being in business.

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Secrets To Fixing Flood Damage Fast For Your Martinez Business

8/14/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Flood Damage Martinez – Burst Water Main Floods Local Business

The last thing our client expected was a flood from a burst water main. With water shooting several feet into the air, the street quickly flooded, and water poured in the front door of our client's commercial business office. Fortunately, the staff had a few minutes warning and were able to shut down and disconnect computers as well as move emergency power supplies onto desks and filing cabinets. The employees also removed as many office files as possible before the water came in the door!

SERVPRO responded immediately to this commercial flood damage event in Martinez. Our teams understand how important it is for commercial businesses to regain operational status after an event like this one. Receiving customers, processing orders, and customer support can come to a standstill while the office is out of commission.

We quickly assessed the situation and brought in equipment to vacuum up the water and dehumidifiers to remove moisture. All of the desks were raised and placed on blocks. The chairs were moved to a dry area along with any other easily moved items. Since this was water from a water main, there was a limited amount of contamination. The dehumidifiers ran for several days along with the air conditioning which dried the carpeting completely. There was no damage to the underlying floor, which was concrete.

While the office was clearly out of commission for several days, employees pitched in, contacting customers to provide information about the service situation. SERVPRO provided updates to the client regarding the cleaning process and helped the customer understand how long the office would take to be restored. We also provided the appropriate documentation needed to submit insurance claims for the flooding.

The client acted quickly and reduced the impact of the flooding significantly. However, with flooding, there is a danger of short circuits and electrocution. Always verify that it is safe to enter a flooded room. Disconnect the electrical system first. The professionals at SERVPRO take all of the required safety precautions to protect the client, their products, and inventory.

Call SERVPRO of Augusta at (706) 750-0200 for 24/7 service. We serve Grovetown and surrounding areas. We help commercial clients recover from flood damage. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Our Experts Provide Fast Water Removal Services In Augusta

4/18/2019 (Permalink)

Call on the Professionals for Fast Water Removal in Your Augusta Business

Water loss is devastating, capable of ruining structural components and contents in an affected Augusta business. A rapid recovery from disaster is the key to retaining the clients and customers who depend on your goods and services. Unlike other business challenges where a slow and steady approach is the best course, water demands immediate mitigation. Our technicians are well-trained and equipped to assess, plan, and put into action a recovery strategy within hours of your first call.

Speed and skill are both needed for water removal from your Augusta business. Our team arrives fast and quickly evaluates the situation. We determine the source of the water inflow if in question, making sure supply lines are shut down or other emergency measures put in place. Then our IICRC-trained crews swing into action to evacuate the water and dry out the structure.

SERVPRO service vehicles stock the pumps and extractors needed for rapid water removal. If electricity is temporarily unavailable gas motors and truck-mounted and powered equipment prevents delays. We are experienced in managing massive water losses, scaling our response to your particular scenario.

Assessing for water contamination is part of our job, and we know how to handle all categories of water from clean, to gray, to black safely and according to local regulations. SERVPRO crews don personal protective equipment (PPE) if indicated and contain gray and black water for appropriate disposal. To ensure we remove water that migrated into cavities and recesses, we use thermal scanning devices and moisture metering tools to locate hidden pooling.

Flood cuts allow access to areas behind walls. We use them to release trapped water and to permit effective structural drying. Once we remove all standing water, SERVPRO crews determine drying goals based on moisture measurements. High-efficiency air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers create an environment that forces moisture out of structural components and into the air as vapor. The vapor is captured by evaporative or absorbent technology for permanent removal from your commercial building.

Trust SERVPRO of Augusta to offer fast and professional water removal services for your business. Call us day or night at (706) 868-5441 so we can devise a plan that makes a disaster “Like it never even happened.”

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SERVPRO of Augusta . . . Your Local Commercial Restoration Partner

6/20/2018 (Permalink)

There are many reasons to quickly restore a commercial business to its normal daily operation after a water or fire loss.  The reason that is most prevalent on the minds of company stakeholders is simple:  profitability.  The longer a business remains idle due to a loss, the faster that losses from lost opportunity will mount.  It is critical to respond quickly. 

SERVPRO of Augusta is a large-loss team that routinely mitigates water and fire damage losses in office complexes, medical buildings, university buildings, large hotels and other commercial structures throughout Augusta.  Whether you are in need of board-up services, commercial drying, or the mitigation of massive amounts of water from a factory floor, we have the knowledge, equipment and proven expertise to deliver fast, proven results for our commercial customers. 

Don't hesitate to call SERVPRO of Augusta for your Commercial Restoration needs.  Call (706)868-5441.