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What Can Homeowners Do to Mitigate Flooding in a Home Office?

10/20/2020 (Permalink)

Home office After a flood incident occurs in your home office. You can trust that your home is in good hands with our experienced technicians at SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Sends Emergency-Response Teams to Augusta Homeowners That Need Flood Damage Cleanup.

Because current pandemic safety precautions have many Augusta property owners working from home long-term, it can be easy to forget about the risk of natural disasters. As a result, dealing with damages caused by a home flood can be quite stressful, particularly when it impacts your workspace. An estimated 90 percent of natural disasters in the United States involve flooding, even in low-risk regions. With this in mind, there are several steps homeowners can take to minimize damages and a team that is ready to help when disaster strikes.

SERVPRO techs are ready to respond to flood damage in Augusta communities 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This team’s constant availability allows homeowners to minimize flood risk while maximizing cost savings related to repairing and replacing belongings and structural materials.

What Methods Can Homeowners Use to Flood Proof a Property?

Floodproofing can go a long way toward protecting your home and its belongings, saving you a considerable amount in repair and replacement costs when disasters occur. These methods include, but are not limited to:

  • Wet floodproofing. One effective means of floodproofing your property is installing flood vents and constructing with flood-resistant materials. This process anticipates flooding and instead allows it to pass through highly durable materials to protect your property.
  • Dry floodproofing. Dry floodproofing generally consists of improvements like tight seals for windows and doors. Membranes and seals reduce interior and exterior flood risk. Ensure that local Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) guidelines for new or substantially improved homes in your area allow for these upgrades before implementing dry floodproofing.
  • Constructing floodwalls. If you have sufficient land, this method is highly effective for keeping your home safe and dry. Take a careful look at local zoning laws and regulations before commencing construction.

While these floodproofing suggestions can save you time, money, and stress in the event of a disaster, damages to your Augusta home are still possible. SERVPRO can aid you at any time of the day or night, including on weekends and during holidays, to restore your home per your insurance policy.

How Can Homeowners Get the Most Out of Their Flood Insurance Claims?

  • Request multiple estimates for your property, if possible. Consider getting at least three independent estimates, if able, before scheduling repairs to your home. This process allows you to receive a more realistic estimated cost of necessary repairs to your Augusta property.
  • Consider hiring a reputable public claims adjuster. A public adjuster works independently of your insurance company. These professionals assist you with your claim and maximize the compensation you receive from your insurer.
  • Fill out a proof of loss claim promptly. This form should be completed within 60 days of the disaster to ensure that you get the coverage necessary to return your property to a preloss state.
  • Request a certified copy of your flood insurance policy. The National Flood Protection Association (NFIP) provides the overwhelming majority of flood insurance to American homeowners. Having a copy of your policy on hand keeps you informed about your coverage while also aiding the claims filing process.

SERVPRO techs have extensive training and experience with flood damage mitigation and restoration per Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards. Your local team assists you by streamlining the claims filing process and coordinating with you and your adjuster during cleanup.

How Do SERVPRO Technicians Clean Up a Flooded Home Office?

A home office affected by flooding requires several levels of care that your local SERVPRO can provide. For an inch of flooding, Carpeting requires removal to minimize sanitation risks to occupants. The subflooring may also require thorough sanitation and structural drying. Depending on the amount of time since the disaster occurred, parts of the subfloor may require replacement due to warped, cupping, or cracked wood.

SERVPRO techs can perform a variety of other tasks to prepare your home office space for restoration, including:

  • Moving electronics and valuables offsite for inspection, cleaning, and repairs by licensed experts.
  • Elevating salvageable furniture, such as desks, shelves, and chairs, on blocks allows for on-site sanitation with EPA-registered biocides and restoration.
  • Copies of essential documents that may have been affected by flooding can be stored electronically for your needs. Books on low shelves that may have been impacted by floodwaters may be more cost-effective to replace than restore.

SERVPRO of Augusta is ready to bring you mitigation services that are Faster To Any Size Disaster. You can call (706) 750-0200 at any time of the day or night to begin the cleanup process.

Can a Professional Team Help Address Mold in a Store’s Attic?

10/6/2020 (Permalink)

baseboard removed, revealing mold. flooring also removed When water damage lead to mold growth, this business owner called SERVPRO. We were able to remediate both the water and mold damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Handle Mold in Augusta Commercial Settings by Applying Industry Best Practices 

Mold is not uncommon in Augusta and its surrounding areas. We often hear from homeowners when they either see it or start sensing a musty smell in their homes. However, commercial settings, such as a novelty store, can also develop mold on the premises. Any excess humidity can prompt mold growth and allow it to spread. When it happens in low-traffic sections such as an attic or a storage room, it may take months before someone detects the issue, which only works to your detriment. 

Mold remediation in Augusta businesses is a job for our SERVPRO specialized team. 

We train and certify our staff under the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to develop a feasible action plan to restore your business with minimal disruption. Mold is a complex issue that poses a health threat, but our expert team can take steps to mitigate your loss. 

Where does mold grow, and how can it be eliminated?

Mold can grow everywhere. It can affect your carpets, wallpaper, and wood beams. Spores can also travel through the ventilation ducts to spread through the store, making it essential that your AC annual check-up includes looking for mold. In our course of work, we attempt to stop the spread of mold by isolating the affected area and creating physical barriers. However, mold remediation is more complicated than using a cleaning solution. Our SERVPRO team may use some of the following techniques to remediate mold in your shop: 

  • Air scrubbers to attract airborne spores
  • HEPA filtration and negative pressure techniques to clean the air
  • Anti-microbial treatments to eliminate existing mold colonies and prevent a recurrence 

Mold is a serious issue, and our team at SERVPRO of Augusta treats it as such. When you call us at (706) 750-0200, you reach a team of technicians where safety and excellence are at our core. We strive to leave your store in every step we take, “Like it never even happened.”

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Will This Fire Damage Be Undetectable After Cleanup?

9/15/2020 (Permalink)

heavy smoke surrounding smoke detector Smoke and soot linger after the flames are extinguished. SERVPRO has the know-how to restore your home. Call us today!

Hiring Skilled Technicians from SERVPRO for Fire Damage Restoration Brings Your Martinez Interior Back to Pre-Loss Condition 

A fire's impact can be devastating to any home, often leaving you at a loss for where to start the cleanup. SERVPRO offers 24/7 emergency response when you have a fire that leaves you in need of prompt, reliable restoration services. We make it easier for you and your family because we are Faster to Any Size Disaster, and we work quickly to bring your interior back to pre-fire condition. Our team's goal is to erase all fire traces in your Martinez home while using the latest equipment and professional techniques. 

What Should be My First Steps After the Fire? 

After the fire gets fully extinguished, first responders will let you know if it is safe to enter your property. You can call SERVPRO right away to help with fire damage restoration in Martinez, where we will start the initial assessment. This assessment allows us to tailor a plan suited to your need for cleanup and repair so that your interior is left "Like it never even happened." With the variety of EPA-registered cleaning products, latest techniques, and industrial-grade equipment, we ensure that everything gets restored faster than any DIY methods could ever achieve. 

What About Air Quality? 

With all of the soot particles and smoke residue left after a fire, it is essential to address the air quality. It is also crucial to look at any moisture remaining from extinguishing the flames, bringing mildew and mold growth potential. Excessive mold colonization poses potential health effects for you and your family. The good news is that SERVPRO features IICRC-certified technicians to clean your interior while restoring indoor air quality thoroughly, keeping your interior breathable but also cuts back on the potential for odorous smoke and microbial contamination. Some of the equipment we may employ includes: 

  • Air Scrubbers –Such machinery works to reduce particulates and debris from the air inside your home. They also help to lessen the threat of different microorganisms known to colonize when moist conditions develop. Working similarly to hydroxyl machinery, the air scrubbers pull contaminated air inside and trap airborne particles, then putting out cleaner air.
  • Hydroxyl Generators –This dual-action equipment works to deodorize your interior while helping to filter out and purify the air. These machines feature HEPA filtration, which brings air inside where debris, particulates, and microbes get trapped. 

How Will SERVPRO Handle Soot Stains? 

The heat from the fire that developed in your Martinez home can cause charring to a variety of surfaces. Standard restoration efforts prove that resurfacing or replacement is sometimes the best option. Due to the time involved, our crew has a variety of advanced equipment and proven methods that we can use to tackle even the toughest smoke and soot residue in a shorter timeframe. Soda blasting includes pressurized air that shoots sodium bicarbonate out at high speed. This blasting strips away the charring and smoke residue but also acts like a deodorizer that blasts away odorous elements from the damaged items getting treated. 

Particulates from smoke and soot will settle quickly on your walls, ceilings, and other flat surfaces after a fire in your home. If you try to clean using DIY methods alone, it can be time-consuming and unproductive. We use the best processes for your unique fire project, such as pressure washers or vacuums to remove residue. SERVPRO also has HEPA filtration in our industrial-grade vacuums that work to pull out any soot particles not to distribute them within the home. 

Will You Completely Eliminate the Smoke Smell? 

SERVPRO has perfected our smoke removal process, meaning that we put forth our best efforts to eliminate smoke odors after the fire. Every step helps break down the residue left behind while also looking for any hidden cracks or crevices where particulates may have traveled. 

Common steps get taken when called to restoration projects in Martinez, including: 

  • The removal of furniture and belongings from the home to be cleaned and deodorized elsewhere. Clearing the room not only helps allow for more room as our technicians work, but it also limits the amount of smoke residue, soot, and debris tracking from one space to the next.
  • All surfaces get cleaned carefully to ensure no area is left untreated. Our extensive selection of EPA-registered cleaning agents helps remove harsh residue from various materials, including plastic, wood, metals, etc.
  • If pungent odors are present in your home, our technicians can recreate the process that brought on odor penetration. Thermal fogging equipment heats up deodorizing agents to create a fine mist that penetrates materials and traps odors for removal.
  • Any exposed surfaces can get sealed where a fair amount of smoke residue is present. We have special primers used to treat ductwork or seal walls that can then get finished with a final coat of paint.  

Call SERVPRO of Augusta at (706) 750-0200 whenever you need 24/7 assistance with fire damage restoration!

Water Issues in Your Augusta Home?

9/9/2020 (Permalink)

leak in ceiling, mold damage also Don't wait for water to extensively damage your Augusta home like in this Photo, Call SERVPRO

Call a Team that Can Restore, Remediate and Mitigate them

Water leaks in your Augusta home may come forward in different ways. The smell of your home may be changed, or you may see discoloration in your walls or a bulge on your ceiling. Regardless of what is pointing to a potential issue, a professional team is the only one that can give a definite answer based on your needs. Mitigation involves eliminating the leak, whereas restoration and remediation include complex services focused on extracting water and returning your home to preloss condition.

For a comprehensive water restoration approach to your Augusta home's problems, call our SERVPRO crew as soon as you detect the issue. Our technicians hold certifications by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), the leading certifying body in our industry. Our training and on-the-field experience face a wide variety of situations, which help us build our expertise in managing jobs of all sizes. Avoid leaving your home vulnerable to complications due to water damage by relying on our professional advice.

Why should I rely on a water restoration technician?

Professionals in our field know what to look for when they evaluate the damage in your home. The average consumer struggles with understanding just how far the excess humidity affects your home. Our SERVPRO team has industrial-grade tools that help measure moisture levels in different parts of your home, including your walls and subfloors. With this information, we establish a plan of action to restore humidity levels appropriate for your home. For water extraction, in particular, you may see us use some of the following:

  • Drying mats to handle excess humidity in your floors
  • Injectidry technology to reach behind cabinets and within walls
  • Wand extractors for hard to access corners and carpets

The equipment above complements the efforts of our submersible and truck-mounted pumps, which can handle larger volumes of water.

SERVPRO of Augusta is at your service whenever you need us. Call (706) 750-0200 whenever you spot the problem and save yourself aggravation by acting quickly. Our goal, like yours, is to leave your home, "Like it never even happened."

Can My Neighbors and I Retrieve Items from Our Augusta Homes After a Flood?

9/2/2020 (Permalink)

Water Damage Call SERVPRO of Augusta (706) 750-0200 to assist with your emergency flood damage, recovery, and construction needs.

Flood Damage In My Augusta Home

Quite often, many homes are flooded simultaneously in Augusta. Naturally, homeowners want to access their homes as soon as possible to check their home and their contents. Many are worried that strangers will remove valuables and heirlooms if they are not retrieved immediately.

SERVPRO suggests that homeowners of flood-damaged homes in Augusta do not enter their homes after a flood until the house is inspected. Numerous dangers are lurking in flooded homes such as electrical short circuits, leaking fuel, slippery conditions, not to mention the toxic water and debris that may have entered.

We are equally concerned about security and prepared to board up broken doors and windows, check for escaping fuel and live electrical wires. Once it is safe to enter, our team can begin recovery of specified contents, remove debris, begin water removal, clean and dry your home.

There is So Much Damage, Where Do We Begin?
Many homeowners are overwhelmed after their home is flooded. Every room on the main floor may be damaged by water and debris that entered the house. While it is not safe, they are also anxious to get started with restoration but have no idea where to begin.

It is situations like these where SERVPRO and our highly trained experienced technicians excel following a safe industry-approved process. We make sure it is safe to enter, recover, and clean your contents, remove debris and structural items that are damaged. We remove drywall, carpeting, hardwood flooring, damaged appliances, and cupboards as required. Once the structure is exposed, we can ensure that it is properly dried and made ready for restoration.

SERVPRO provides initial flood damage cleanup, removal services, and reconstruction services for your home. We can manage the reconstruction activities offered by the variety of tradespeople required to restore your home or business to its preloss condition saving time and money.

Call SERVPRO of Augusta (706) 750-0200 to assist with your emergency flood damage, recovery, and construction needs.

What Should I Do If the Cinder Blocks in My Augusta Warehouse Get Wet After a Flood?

8/25/2020 (Permalink)

flooding in property If your business' warehouse ever gets flooded after a storm, call SERVPRO of Augusta at (706) 750-0200 24 hours a day.

For Commercial Flood Removal Inside Your Business' Warehouse in Augusta Call SERVPRO

When a vicious rainstorm creates flooding conditions in your Augusta neighborhood, it is likely that water will find its way into your warehouse. Once H2O starts building up on your warehouse's floors, moisture can then begin to soak into other structural components, including your cinder block walls.

Can moisture get inside my cinder block walls?

During flood removal operations in Augusta, our SERVPRO crew sometimes has to deal with situations where water has found its way inside your cinder block walls. Cinder blocks are sometimes called cement blocks or concrete masonry units (CMU), and they are made from a mixture of cement, water, and gravel. The cinder blocks themselves are porous, meaning that water can make its way through the material, but they are often painter or coated with a material that creates a vapor barrier.

How can you tell if water got inside my warehouse's cinder block walls?

    •    Non-Penetrating Moisture Meter: We can use a non-penetrating moisture meter to figure out if there is water sitting inside your cinder blocks. We can also use these meters to determine what sections of your warehouse's cinder block walls got wet.
    •    Examine the Cinder Block's Surface: We can then inspect the surface of the cinder blocks inside your warehouse to see if they are painted or not. Paint on the outside of your cinder blocks can act as a vapor barrier and prevent moisture on the inside of your cinder blocks from moving to the outside.
    •    Drill Holes in the Cinder Block to Drain: We can drill holes in the bottom of your cinder block walls at the mortar joints to drain out any moisture sitting inside them.
    •    Restorability: According to industry standards, the cinder block is restorable when dealing with clean or contaminated water. Cinder blocks can be dried out by pushing air into the holes drill into the mortar joints.

If your business' warehouse ever gets flooded after a storm, call SERVPRO of Augusta at (706) 750-0200 24 hours a day.

Does My Entire Augusta Kitchen Floor Need Removal After Flood Damage?

8/23/2020 (Permalink)

puddle of water on the floor To ensure there are no lasting effects of flooding, you need a professional to handle cleanup. Contact SERVPRO for professional remediation services.

SERVPRO techs use advanced detection equipment to ensure they only remove areas of the floor in Augusta properties that require extraction and drying

One of the most frustrating aspects of floodwater in your Augusta home is that it is impossible to determine all areas affected by it by sight. Because water follows the path of least resistance, it can run down walls, behind baseboards and seep under tile and wood flooring rapidly winding up far from the entry point. SERVPRO techs have multiple types of moisture and temperature detection equipment that can show the techs the path the water took once inside the home enabling for a complete removal. Through the use of this equipment, the techs only need to remove tiles that show water underneath and the rest can remain in place, saving the homeowner the cost of replacing an entire tile floor.

How Can SERVPRO Remove Flood Damage From a Subfloor?

Water that causes flood damage on your Augusta floor may seem overwhelming in terms of how to clean it up. While much of the water may have receded, the areas it went into need attention. The subfloor frequently has issues from floodwater, and after the removal of the carpet or tile above it, the techs can extract and dry using specialized devices specifically for delivering air into this type of surface like drying mats. SERVPRO technicians have extensive experience and the advanced equipment to locate and extract the problem areas throughout the job site such as:   

  • Use of weighted extractor heads on carpet and upholstered items
  • Performing of controlled demo to open up walls and floors as needed for removal and drying
  • Water between levels in the floor joists needs special handling to ensure it gets completely dried

Equipment Needed for Floodwater Cleanup  

It would be impossible to get professional results from using a shop vac and regular consumer-grade fans to restore an Augusta home from floodwater. SERVPRO techs bring an array of advanced equipment to a home that needs cleanup such as:   

  • Portable pumps to move quickly throughout an area for rapid water removal
  • Air movers and most importantly dehumidification units to capture and port away moisture as it gets raised during the drying process
  • A host of professional-grade cleaning agents to neutralize odors, bacteria and microbes

Using substandard equipment can take days and sometimes weeks to dry a structure. The air movers the techs use handle that drying of a home much more quickly. Monitoring the air moisture levels during drying is crucial to ensure the restoration services stay on track.

Mold is a potential issue whenever there is excessive moisture in a home for longer than a short period. SERVPRO techs have comprehensive education in both the prevention of and handling mold infestations. The techs have access to EPA-registered cleaning solutions and specific antimicrobial cleaners to limit the potential of mold colony establishment and growth. If mold gets found during the cleanup, the techs can contain the area and remediate the issue before it becomes a large-scale problem. Afterward, treatments such as antimicrobial sealants ensure there will be no return.

What Items Get Disposed Of During Floodwater Removal?  

There are a few factors that weigh in on what articles within the home get written off as non-restorable. One of the main determinants is how rapidly the cleanup began and if the water that entered the home contained bacteria or other contaminants. Anything that absorbs this type of water cannot get restored, however non-porous items exposed to the water but without taking any of it on may have the potential for sanitizing and reuse.

Cleaning stations are a common sight during the mitigation process. As items get brought out of the work area, another tech inspects it, photographs it and writes a detailed report of the actions taken. This keeps everyone involved on the same page for every phase of the cleanup.

Once the floodwater cleanup efforts complete, the SERVPRO crew chief can walk through the process that just happened and go over the actions taken from start to finish with the homeowner and adjuster. This not only ensures everyone gets informed, it also is a good way to ensure the homeowner is happy with the restoration job.

SERVPRO of Augusta at (706) 750-0200 is ready to handle any size flood damage in your home with their comprehensive training and advanced equipment. They can extract the water and minimize the amount of replacement needed to get your home back to the way it was, "Like it never even happened."

Does an Appliance Leak in Augusta Require a Professional Restoration Service?

8/5/2020 (Permalink)

couple on flooded floor Aside from your floors, your cabinets may also be at risk, so don't waste any time before calling SERVPRO of Augusta for our professional services.

A Broken Appliance Leaking on the Floors of your Augusta Floors Can Cause More Damage than you Think

Even the new appliances in your August home can leak onto your floors. One morning you may wake up to find your dishwasher overflowing and water leading to your living room. Regardless of whether the appliance is under warranty or not, you need a professional water restoration technician to help you sort the damage. Do not underestimate the impact a seemingly small volume of water can have on your flooring materials. Act swiftly and let a team of experts assess the damage for you.

In Augusta, water removal services are our specialty at SERVPRO. Our team travels throughout the area, tending to the needs of our community and helping homeowners protect their homes. No job is too big or small for our crew, as even a tiny amount of water left standing can become the cause of problems. Call our 24/7 hotline and let us begin the restoration process as soon as possible.

What happens when there is standing water on my floors?

Excess humidity can lead to a myriad of problems. Your first line of protection is making sure that humidity levels return to normal swiftly. Our SERVPRO team monitors moisture by using advanced technology within each surface. The readings guide our efforts with dehumidifiers, air circulators, and other water extraction techniques. Your floors are susceptible to damage, depending on whether they are made of natural materials or not. For example, vinyl and tile are not as porous as wood, so their drying requires different steps. Our team works diligently to prevent the following:

    •    Buckling- hardwood separates from the subfloor due to humidity
    •    Cupping- changes in humidity make an apparent dip in the floor planks
    •    Delamination- engineered flooring can separate in layers with excess humidity

Aside from your floors, your cabinets may also be at risk, so don't waste any time before calling SERVPRO of Augusta for our professional services. Call us at (706) 750-0200 and let us leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

Soot and Smoke Residues Are All Over My Property. Where Can I Seek Help?

7/27/2020 (Permalink)

heavy smoke surrounding smoke detector Smoke and soot are difficult to remove. SERVPRO has the expertise and experience to restore your home.

Talk to the SERVPRO Team of Technicians in Augusta for Fire Damage Restoration Services.

Property owners face a wide range of issues in their homes, but fires are among the worst. The repercussions of a fire can be devastating and deadly. Thankfully, professional fire restorers can help bring your Augusta property back to its preloss condition following a fire loss.

How do technicians handle fire and smoke damage?

A small fire cannot cause significant damage to a structure, but the smoke and soot residues the fire leaves can be extreme. At SERVPRO, we have a team of restorers with exceptional skills in handling fire damage in Augusta properties. With access to hi-tech equipment and cutting-edge restoration processes, we can restore items such as:

  • Woodwork
  • Flooring
  • Carpeting
  • Ceilings
  • Walls

Also, we can decontaminate your ductwork and HVAC system. The decontamination process involves removing pollutants such as mold and soot from the system to ensure it works as expected.

How safe is my property during restoration?

Our technicians understand that the weather can change any time during the restoration. Therefore, we board up our customer’s property using plywood by attaching it to the surface around openings. We bolt up the plywood to two-by-fours to hold the covering in place by tension. If the roof incurred damage during the fire loss incident, we could place a temporary cover over it to protect your residence from sustaining further damage.

How do you clean the affected area?

Before we begin the restoration process, our technicians first inspect the home, which helps us determine the tools and restoration processes. We use both wet and dry cleaning techniques depending on the surfaces we are cleaning. We can use strong acid cleaners such as stone and porcelain cleaner to remove smoke and soot from brick and stone surfaces. The product can also remove soap scum and hard water deposits.

SERVPRO technicians can also use abrasion blasting to clean masonry, which is an aggressive cleaning method that involves using different types of blasting media. Our technicians can perform gentle abrasion using materials like:

  • Soda ash
  • Sponge
  • Dry ice
  • Ground corn cobs

We can also use sand during abrasion blasting, but it changes the surfaces. So, it is not prudent to use it at times, such as when sandblasting can affect a building’s historical value.

Do not stress over fire damage since SERVPRO of Augusta can help you. We can handle the fire loss to make it “Like it never even happened.” Call us today at (706) 750-0200. 

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My Augusta Business Suffered Fire Damage – What Cleanup Process Do You Use?

7/22/2020 (Permalink)

"Call Now" SERVPRO professionals are trained to handle every level of fire damage. Call us today, we are always available.

SERVPRO’s Technicians Follow Basic Principles and Elements of Cleaning to Ensure Your Business is Up and Running as Quickly as Possible.

A fire can shut down your Augusta business in a heartbeat. When looking at the ruins the thought - “Can this even be saved?” – might be running through your head. It can seem overwhelming and filled with uncertainty. But you may find yourself pleasantly surprised at just what our crews can repair and restore.

 What are the principles of cleanup after a fire?

 When a fire blazes through your Augusta business leaving fire damage and smoke problems, it leaves a huge mess of charred, smoky remains. While structural material and some of the contents may need replacing cleaning and restoration, we strive for. Restoration will save on your insurance costs and allow you to keep irreplaceable items. The cleanup principles employed by our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified and fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) are such things as finding residues, identifying surface material, and resolving the mess left behind.

  Residues Can Differ

 Before deciding what type of cleaning services are needed, the estimator will ascertain what type of smoke residue exists and the extent of the damage. The technicians will do the pretesting of surface material. When these two groups combine their results, they will have a thorough knowledge of what type of residue they are dealing with, the locations to get cleaned, and the type of surfaces that needs cleaning.

 Residue Removal 

Fire damage and smoke damage leave behind debris that contains solid particles. The good news is a lot of this debris can be removed by dry vacuuming. If the particles get wet, they can get absorbed by the surface. This makes it harder to remove. Capturing and removal of smoke and soot residue include:

  • Vacuuming - always the first step to getting rid of soot. Large amounts of soot can often get removed via dry brushing and vacuuming.
  • Dissolving – dissolving allows the residues to loosen and rinse away or extracted in a cleaning solution.
  • Disposal – the team will determine the type of disposal that is required. Some residues will need special handling and disposal.

Elements of Cleaning

Once the vacuuming occurs, the next step is cleaning the tougher areas which are absorbed or bonded with the soot. Choosing the right method of dissolving and removing the residue is critical to returning the material to the preloss condition. Four elements affect how soot and dirt become suspended in a cleaning product:

  • Temperature
  • Agitation
  • Chemical action
  • Time    

These four actions, known as TACT, must be used in the correct ratio for your unique situation. Our SERVPRO crews have the experience and training to plan a cleaning course of action to remove soils and soot in the timeliest manner possible. They use advanced technology and heavy-duty equipment and industry grade chemicals to achieve the goal of leaving it, ”Like it never even happened.” 

 What Content Can be Restored?

Many companies assume that everything is lost that has come in contact with the fire. SERVPRO can clean, repair, and restore more than the typical business owner would imagine. Office furniture, draperies, and items such as file cabinets are restored to their preloss condition, depending on how severe the damage. Restoration and repair are always the goals.

 What If the Odor Has Spread?

The stench left by fire damage and smoke is overwhelming. Even in areas where the fire did no visible damage, the smoke can travel via airflow and HVAC ducts. Our technicians use deodorizing methods to remove the smell from ductwork and contents that are affected. A variety of purifying methods get used, including filtration agents, disinfectants, and air scrubbers. Everyone smells things differently, and we strive to make sure you are satisfied.

Trust the Experts Who Understand Fire Clean Up

With trained technicians who can handle everything from elemental fire damage and smoke cleanup to reupholstering furniture, there is no need for numerous contractors to get the job done. We move your business content offsite if necessary while cleaning and repairing. We work closely with your insurance company and keep you informed every step of the way. Customer satisfaction is always our highest priority. 

Our Green Team is available 24/7 to help your business recover from fire damage and smoke. Contact SERVPRO of Augusta at (706) 750-0200 for more information. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.