What our Customers say...


Because of your fast response in the middle of the night, we could contain the damage to a single room in the house and we never had to relocate. I’ve never seen anyone fast like SERVPRO.

Thanks to SERVPRO for helping our grocery store stay open despite the fire damage. From all of us here, the place looks and smells great. 

Because of your fast response to the flood, we were able to protect our belongings from this disaster. Thanks to all SERVPRO professionals who worked to hard on our house. 

SERVPRO helped my family to get settled temporarily right after the fire, which meant as much to us as the restoration did. A+++

My neighbor told me about your company last year, and I’m glad I remembered who to call when my pipes burst in the upstairs bathroom. Thank you for your fast response. 

I could tell right away that your professionals had the skills and the equipment to help our home after the fire. Thank you for all of your hard work. 

You have a great team of helpful professionals. Even I learned a lesson about excellent customer service from working alongside your project management. 

Who knew trees could cause so much trouble? Thanks to SERVPRO, we are already back at home when many of our neighbors are not. Thank you. 

I’m glad your experienced professionals could get to my home so quickly to start cleaning up soot. I knew I left my property in good hands. 

If you are the fence about SERVPRO like I was, don’t be. This team was the best choice for the water damage in my house. 

Having a historical property in Augusta, I knew trusting SERVPRO was a good choice. Your entire team knows exactly what they were doing with very old construction materials. 

With how quickly my floral shop was damaged, I thought I’d have to cancel orders. You had my shop dry and open for business the next day. Amazing work.

Your team was so careful with my mother’s belongings after the fire, some of which were priceless heirlooms. You are the only restoration team we will ever use. 

I never thought my home would look right again, but thanks to your SERVPRO team, its better than it was even before the damage. Thank you. 

When my small office got flooded from the last big storm, I knew that the best company to call to make it whole again was SERVPRO. Past performances have shown me to always go with a winner-you guys are surely winners. Always grateful.

My condo did not catch on fire, but my neighbor’s did and I felt like I could not breathe. Your team explained how the smoke filtered into my condo and what they could do to eliminate the foul odor. And they did. I must admit, I spent the one night out at a hotel.

Pizza is hard to make when the sprinkler head spits water all over the kitchen area. Luckily, even on busy Friday Pizza Night, SERVPRO came out and within two hours I was able to fire up the ovens again. They are masters of their trade.

The wind knocked a hole in my window and the rains followed. Of course I wasn’t home at the time and was surprised at the amount of damage caused by water. Luckily, I knew to call SERVPRO to help me out of this pickle. They know what to do. Muchas gracias.

My daughter’s curling iron finally did damage with a fire in the bathroom. Smoky, smelly, and the cosmetics all gone. But so is the smell, I do not know how you did that all in one day. I will refer you to anyone who needs help with their house, thanks tons!

The water heater died and left a watery mess behind for me to clean up. I tried and failed and called SERVPRO who didn’t. I know better now, stick with the pros.

Mold in my attic, water in my basement. I just bought this house and needed help to fix it up. You guys were a great help and left me with a clean house, no leaks and no smelly mold. Thx.

My little coffee shop had a fire in the kitchen and the sprinkler system put powder all over the cooking area. What a mess. I thought I would be closed for many days—but only one cause you came out with a big team and wiped and worked hard to clean my store. Thank you so much, thank you.

The high water ruined the inside of my house. All was lost until your crew came, got rid of the stinky water and moved some things to safety. I appreciate the neat job of cutting my walls to make the fixing easier. I am very grateful.

The smoke from the kitchen fire I thought would never go away, but your team made it happen in a matter of days. I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you for taking the water from my carpet after the bathroom water accident. I thought my carpet was a lost cause. You saved it. 

The fire in the garage could have been worse if you did not come right out and take away all the black and burned items I had stored there. How you setup those machines to take away the smell was pretty cool. I plan to tell my friends to call your company if needed.

My small electronic shop could have really taken a beating from the water line that burst. But, thanks to SERVPRO I lost no merchandise. I understand why you are a favorite for helping out businesses in trouble from water. 

That storm left a mess in my mudroom and back area. SERVPROcame by fast and pushed out the muddy water, moved things around, and before long, all was well again. I am amazed at how fast you worked and relieved by stress, too.

Happy to know I can rely on someone to be there to help when we have a loss at our home. This is the third loss we have had and SERVPRO has been great everytime.

Crew was very professional. All my questions were answered. Everyone involved seemed to care about what they were doing in caring for my home